Panchakarma’s five procedures work towards eliminating all toxins (ama) and making all tissues (dhatus) healthy. However, this is only possible if the body is prepared to release the toxins deep rooted within its structures and tissues. Without adequate preparation, these treatments will only remove toxins lodged in the gastro-intestinal tract, having little or no impact.

This preparation period is called Poorvakarma and is divided into 2 types of procedure, Sneha karma (oleation therapies) and Sweda karma (sudation therapies). After this period we can start the purification therapies of Panchakarma.


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  • Abhyanga

    An ayurvedic oil massage technique, this therapy works on marma points and natural body circuits. After receiving it you will understand why it’s called “loving hands”. Although relaxing, it improves lymph flow, stimulates the immune system, detoxifies your body and strengthens the nervous system.

  • 4-Hand Massage

    Two therapists work on your body at the same time, mirroring each other’s movements, giving you a sensation of extreme relaxation and envelopment.

  • Ayurvedic Massage

    This massage promotes a deeper and more natural breathing pattern, strengthens the body and immune system, helps the digestive system and promotes energy levels. Besides working in depth on the physical body, it also acts on and harmonises the chakras and several energetic circuits of the so called hidden anatomy.

  • Pinda Swedana Massage

    One of the classic therapies in Ayurveda in which herbal bolus bags the size of an orange are filled with hot medicated cereals and plants. These therapeutic boluses are used to firmly massage all affected areas, so that the induced heat will dilute the toxins in the body and help absorb the properties of the plants, which have been chosen according to your body type.

  • Vibrational Massage with Crystals

    Using the power of crystals to the effects of a great massage, this therapy will work both your physical and subtle bodies.

  • Thai Yoga Massage

    A sequence of stretches will be applied to you, considering your dosha and condition, that will open your channels, promote better blood, lymph and energy circulation and deal with aches and chronic pain. It’s the only way to get the benefits of Yoga without practicing it yourself.

  • Hasta Abhyanga

    Hand massage with reflexology points that will alleviate tiredness, aching, reduce stress levels and leave a lasting feeling of lightness. It’s a calming and soothing therapy that, using aromatic medicinal oils, will relax and revitalise your whole body.

  • Padabhyanga

    Following ancient ayurvedic foot charts, this technique applies pressure where it is needed the most. Using your whole foot, your whole body will be revitalised as the reflex points are worked on, in an extremely relaxing massage.

  • Shiro Abhyanga

    Head massage that will work on local marmas, including shoulders, upper back, neck, head and face. Excellent for improving blood flow to the head and brain, raises memory levels and generates and overall sensation of wellbeing.

  • Chavutti Thirumal

    Developed by the Kalari martial artists from Kerala. Therapists use their feet to apply pressure and massage you with long sweeps from the tip of your fingers to the tip of your toes. For those who receive it the feeling is that tension is being “ironed” from their bodies.

  • Kalari Massage

    This oil massage technique, also created by martial artists from Kerala, uses special oils to stimulate your blood flow, treat sore and aching muscles, back ache, joint pain and so many other conditions.

  • Marmatherapy

    This vital points therapy is customised according to your needs, using a wide variety of tools and therapeutic strategies to approach each case.

  • Swedana - Heat Treatments

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    When we sweat a great deal of toxins are expelled from the body, the heat makes us more flexible and induces a relaxed state. It is also very good for dealing with many different kinds of pain scenarios. Our treatments cover the herbal bath and the wet or humid sauna.

  • Herbal Bath

    We medicate your bath water with the plants that best suit you. Extremely relaxing and soothing, it helps with aching muscles, dry skin, and a tired body and spirit.

  • Other Therapies

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  • Seaweed Wraping

    Using local seaweeds and well-know microalgae this therapy will boost your body levels of minerals, proteins and energy.

  • Honey, local medicinal plants, flowers and seeds

    As much a moisturising, exfoliating massage as it is a deep relaxing therapy, highly beneficial for those suffering from breathing problems.

  • Panchakarma Detox Therapies

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  • Internal Vasti Detox

    Colon nurturing and cleansing, comparable to an enema but with a more profound action.

  • Vamana

    Induced emesis using natural emetics. We use this therapy in specific situations.

  • Nasya

    5 Sense nurturing and cleansing with medication through the nasal passages.

  • Virechana

    Induced purging: cleanses the small intestine, stomach, liver, gallbladder and pancreas through a therapeutic purge induced by plants. It’s considered the second main detox procedure in Ayurveda, following the internal Vastis.

  • External Vastis

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  • Greeva Vasti

    Warm medicated oil is retained in the neck area, use for treating local pain, cervical problems, scoliosis, migraine and muscle spasms among other related problems.

  • Hridaya Vasti

    Warm medicated oil will be retained over the heart. This therapy has both physical and emotional benefits, helping with heart conditions and blood pressure, as well as with nervousness, anxiety, fear and emotional management.

  • Janu Vasti

    Warm medicated oil retention on the knees. It is as helpful as it is soothing, especially for those suffering from cracking joints and knee problems.

  • Kadi Vasti

    This unique therapy for the lower back consists of retaining warm medicated oil over the area. It is fantastic for sciatica, lower back problems and chronic pain.

  • Karna Poorana

    Retaining warm medicated oil in your ears will give you a soothing feeling and help you with problems such as hear loss, excess wax production, tinnitus and other ear related problems.

  • Netra Vasti

    Warm ghee is retained on your eyes to treat a wide diversity of problems related to this organ, from a simple irritation to more serious conditions.

  • Shiro Vasti

    This an ancient ayurvedic medical therapy used in treating the nervous system, mental and psychological disorders and hair loss.

  • Uro Vasti

    Warm medicated oil is retained on your chest. It helps with local aches and muscular pain, breathing problems, palpitations, anxiety and insomnia.

  • Lymphatic Therapies

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  • Lymphatic Exfoliation Garshana

    Is a lymphatic scrubbing of the skin, where the therapist uses a silk glove to give a massage with fleur de sel, camphor and essential oils according to individual needs. In this way we promote an ionization and alkalinization of the blood. Besides being excellent in removing dead cells, it’s perfect for detoxing the body and stimulating the immune system.

  • Lymphatic Exfoliation Udwartana

    This is applied with specific spices which have blood vessel dilating properties that help reduce fluid retention. It’s particularly effective in cases of cellulitis and obesity, heavy sweating, stiffness and muscle pain as well as circulation problems.

  • Lymphatic Drainage Neerabhyanga

    Is a very delicate massage that stimulates the lymphatic system and eliminates excess toxins, that are channeled towards the lymph glands where they will be expelled from the body. By promoting good circulation of the lymph, this therapy reduces stress, strengthens the immune system and replaces toxins with antibodies. It’s very successful in reducing fluid retention and activating the metabolism.

  • Dhara Therapies

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  • Shirodhara

    This consists of applying a continuous flow of a therapeutic liquid to the vital points on the forehead. This therapy cradles all organs in the body until reaching a state of calmness and tranquillity. It’s especially efficient for all kinds of neurological disorders like depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress and fatigue.

  • Padhara

    It is the constant flow of a warm therapeutic liquid on the feet. It promotes overall health and an extremely relaxed state.

The programme itself consists of 5 deep cleansing therapies which will purge all toxins from your system. These may be used together in a Panchakarma programme, or separately while treating acute diseases and chronic states – for instance, emesis is a very useful process in the case of an asthma attack or while treating other Kapha diseases. But the programme can also be used as a way of maintaining and rejuvenating the body in the sense that it prevents the accumulation of doshas. It’s precisely this last characteristic, rejuvenation, that gives Panchakarma such a unique character.