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Wellness Holiday Retreat

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Wellness tourism is a growing alternative for those who like to spend their holidays becoming healthier. The venues hosting these therapeutic programmes of profound detox and rejuvenation have been carefully picked for their location, energy, properties of the surrounding flora and maximum comfort for the participants. We have chosen your wellness retreat from a list of places of amazing natural beauty and tantalising history.

Your personalised Programme

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An effective therapy recognises that we don’t all have the same needs. Ayurveda adapts to its recipient, assuring that each case is followed individually in a proper way. Customising is, therefore, always advisable. From psychological coaching, behavioural therapy, yogatherapy, nutrition, supplements, marmatherapy and slight variations in the therapeutic programmes as well as the cultural and entertainment options on offer, everything is adjusted according to you, to give you a unique experience.

Recreational Activities

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As well as personalised daily yoga and meditation (essential elements for resetting your general balance and imperative tools for the management of stress, anger and pain) the retreat includes fun and cultural activities throughout your stay. From sightseeing, to ayurvedic cooking workshops, to introduction to herbalism and massage to horse riding- we will inform you of the exact activities included according to the location and date of your reservation. We guarantee one every two days.

Your own Therapist

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The relationship of trust between you and your therapist has an important role to play in your health and wellbeing process. To know that someone with the right profile will assist you throughout the process is really important. While providing a therapist for every participant we aim at promoting these bonds and allowing each therapist to focus completely on each case, presenting deep ayurvedic solutions tailor made for you.

Your own Ayurvedic consultant/therapist will go through the programme with you on a daily basis to let you know how it’s working and answer any questions that might come up. During this time we will also discuss your daily routine, ayurvedic diet, and work on a plan to include new healthier habits in your life after the programme.

Herbal Supplements

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The diet in all programmes includes superfoods, therapeutic and food supplements, according to your special needs. These will often be prepared using the local medicinal flora.


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Being our most regular action in life apart from sleeping, eating has the power to, over time, keep us healthy or make us sick. By using your diet as part of your therapy, Panchakarma harnesses the power of food to maximise the effects of the programme. Our ayurvedic nutrition consultants are experts bringing together healthy, delicious meals. Gourmet doshic veggie meals, juice monodiet, peya, kichadi, juices and teas, all of these are perfect for detoxifying, very nutritious and easy to digest.

Eating toxin-free foods is of the utmost importance for a proper reboot so all diets are vegetarian and all food and drinks served are 100% organic and as much as possible locally grown. Cold drinks and food, dairy products, caffeine and refined foods should be avoided before, during and after Panchakarma. Your diet will play a very important role in your detox healing process. The diet is adapted to your dosha or body type, according to ayurvedic rules. In doing so you will readjust your digestive fire and microbiology, and your diet will rise up to its role of food therapy.

Post-Panchakarma Diet

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If this is your first contact with Ayurveda nutrition, don’t feel discouraged if suddenly you realise that you should avoid some of your favourite foods, as you take a look at what you should be taking and, even more important, what definitely not. But it’s essential that you don’t feel demotivated, as diet alterations might be more than expected. Moderation is a virtue, and including it in the changes you make to your diet will help you in the long term.

It’s more effective if you follow these recommendations up to 60 or 70% for a few months, than applying 100% but being unable to keep it up for more than a few days then dropping it completely. Implement as many changes as possible but don’t be too strict about it, see how you feel and what effects a few changes in your diet can have over your body. We will provide you with a food journal so that you easily understand the relationship between your food and your body and emotional reactions.

Beauty Services

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A certified beautician will pamper you with our herbal tailored facial, hands, feet and body treatments.


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Ayurshastra is Ayurveda’s therapeutic clothing. It acts through cromotherapy, aromatherapy and both the biochemical and subtle influences of the certified organic textiles and ayurvedic medicinal plants used to dye the cloth. We’re glad to offer you a different shawl on arrival of each retreat.

Social Action

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We have and will always offer pro-bono Panchakarma programmes to those who truly need and cannot pay for the treatments. We offer at least one programme free of charge every 6 months. Please contact us so we can assess your situation and see in what way we can help.

If you wish to donate for this cause please contact us -

Special Needs

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We strive to be all inclusive. Please contact us with your special needs and related details to any physical disabilities you may have, so we can confirm we can offer everything you require and assess in what way we can prepare to make your retreat as comfortable as possible.